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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 03, 2009

Thank God it's Friday!


Something big planned for today was postponed so the team went to plan B which was originally plan A. After an interesting photo shoot, Ryan treated us to a walking tour of Chinatown in Manila. Word to Carlos Celdran.

Ongpin Church

Street graf

2 Ryans and Sam

Chinese volunteer fire department

sittin' on 36"

LOOK AT THAT.... rock

Late lunch

Jacq Yu is everywhere!

On our way back to the MCHQ (Ms. Clavel Headquarters) we got stuck in the most impossible traffic mess I have ever experienced. Took us more than 3 hours to travel 5 miles. I had to work extra hours from 7pm-9:30pm on A FRIDAY NIGHT. SMH. 60 hour work week and counting. This is not good.



See you all on Monday!

PS. Road managers should know what their REAL job is. Arrange your talents' schedules. NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS. Stop going diva on people who are trying to help your talents make some extra cash. I swear a Palm III does a better job than you useless arrogant lying sons of bitches. You do nothing but make SIMPLE things COMPLICATED. You are the biggest idiots if you think that I can't get another cover girl to replace your talent. Leche kayo.

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Kingcrux, I lifted one of the graffiti pics. The colours are just too good to ignore.

Angsty about working 60 hours? You know you love it.