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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, November 30, 2009

I went to the arcade to kill some time, swiped my card once and got 100 credits on Street Basketball! I left after breaking the record and asked some kids to finish the 92 remaining games.

I'm guessing my magnetic money clip had something to do with glitch in the mechanism.

What an instant workout!



| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, November 29, 2009

My son's first skateboard. Thanks to wL especially to Muy for putting all the stuff together!

I can't wait to see what my son can do with this. I remember my parents buying me my own skateboard when I was 8. My eldest is now 11 so he should be fine.

Watch out P-Rod!

All Speed Demon everything

From his mom. Peep the Burberryish strap.

Thanks again weLegendary.

You guys rock!



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I left the house past midnight to attend one of my beach buddy's birthday celebration at...

I have a new name for you - E.V.I. Mean, a play on one of Pac's OUTLAWZ. Ha ha.


The birthday girl

My fav drink

Pew pew pew!



Nice photo, ugly focus

Tuguegarao is up north and they have the best pancit.



Happy birthday again Carla!

Too bad I missed Shikko and Jammi.

Oh and Genghis did delete you all from his facebook.

Ha ha.



| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, November 26, 2009

I totally forgot about this entry until last night when I was dying from hunger at 1am and had no choice but to order 8MCDO.

A couple of weeks ago I went to an old favorite burger joint, Brothers Burger, to kill my hunger pains. They recently opened a new branch nearby. I wanted to go to Charlie's but I didn't feel like driving all the way to Pasig just for a burger.

Five minutes away

Tito, Vic and Joey

Where's PCRIZZZY at?

When I used to train for powerlifting, I would always order a double burger, chilli fries and onion rings before every session.

While waiting for my order

Double burger with cheese and bacon

My fav with mayo


Brothers Burger definitely hit the spot but I can easily name 5 other places where to get better burgers from.



| Posted in , , , , | Posted on Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I was asked to be an online media partner for a fashion show entitled "Hot in November" at Ascend featuring Jacq Yu. Now I hate going out of my way just to be in a club unless there's something special going on. I prefer some place chill with not so loud music. Kinda weird since I love to dance while jamming to my favorite songs.

Hot in November was a non-profit event for the Kythe Foundation, a group dedicated to helping unfortunate children who seek medical help. I don't know how much the event raised through ticket sales and sponsors but it was a good turn out.

Click to play

:50 mark

Backstage blur

Outside Ascend



Front row seats

My dude Andy hosting the show

Here we go!

Side boob FTW

Some of their panties were see through. Eeek!

For the girls

Cristine Reyes look alike

Did I say side boob FTW?

A forever fav on my site - Aubrey!

And tonight's star, Jacq Yu! How are you gonna chew gum while strutting your stuff on the catwalk and almost fall on your ass before heading backstage? Ha ha. You're the best Jacq!


For a free Boracay trip

Nice Doinks dude

The clear winner

5 shots of Bacardi for a prize? Hell no.


Your angel Jacq Yu

I dunno what I was praying for


Time to party!

Mr. Authentecite - Your bag wish is his command

FabTrix and Aubrey

Bad blur

What the?

Thanks Lara!

LOL @ Jacq's facial expression

Nice belt Dennis!

Rock on Alicia!

Hands up in the urrr!

Philantropist Illac Diaz in the house

Coolai and her homiez

Surprise of the night

What a crazy event. I was so faded I gave away my old business cards. I figured the magazine I used to work for needed extra help in securing models, road managers, stylists and make up artists. Ain't I the nicest? Ha ha.

To those with DSLR cameras, please please make sure never to sling them on your back or on the side. Some fuckers jacked the lenses of Dennis and one photographer. I'm sure it was a also photographer who did it. Who else would know how to easily press the release button and twist the lens in such a quick manner? I mean how low can you go? At a charity event? Really?

And I thought I was evil.