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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A sign of a fun night out is when it ends the following morning, when the sun is out and "normal" people are up and about.

Welcome to Imperial Ice Bar Tuesdays. Soul Kitchen up in this muthaaaaaaa!
 photo IMG_1062_zps19a384b4.jpg

Ice, ice baby.
 photo IMG_1063_zps697164d0.jpg

Miss Teaze!
 photo IMG_1064_zpsd135741f.jpg

The Powder Room x Soul Kitchen = GAME OVER
 photo IMG_1066_zps17d18930.jpg

 photo IMG_1067_zps3ba8dafc.jpg

Cold world.
 photo IMG_1070_zpsc6a2c43a.jpg

Nice fit, old sport.
 photo IMG_1071B_zps48655edb.jpg

Jandric made it!
 photo IMG_1072B_zps023ff1ef.jpg

 photo IMG_1073_zps0d53699d.jpg

Joey Too Fresh.
 photo IMG_1074_zps0da37d53.jpg

Lala Dahling.
 photo IMG_1075_zps9b88892f.jpg

 photo IMG_1076_zps1fa1953a.jpg

Two shots of wisdom.
 photo IMG_1078_zps8425af8d.jpg

 photo IMG_1079_zpsdc53abe6.jpg

 photo IMG_1080B_zps31b6f244.jpg

My favs!
 photo IMG_1082_zps172e5deb.jpg

 photo IMG_1083_zps7d20be21.jpg

 photo IMG_1084_zpsfc784b5c.jpg

 photo IMG_1085B_zpsadcb92c2.jpg

 photo IMG_1086_zps099defc4.jpg

For a second there I thought I was at 7th High, lol.
 photo IMG_1087_zps19b1043f.jpg

ZOMG Sarah cut her hair short!
 photo IMG_1088_zpsb1736bc2.jpg

 photo IMG_1089_zps23323440.jpg

What up, Buzz!
 photo IMG_1090_zpscb711bf3.jpg

Two Ls make a right.
 photo IMG_1091_zpsfb80886a.jpg

 photo IMG_1092_zps95be6840.jpg

 photo IMG_1093_zpsdd6e51e9.jpg

Reena still bella even without make up on.
 photo IMG_1094_zpseecbe3a7.jpg

 photo IMG_1095_zpsfc61a188.jpg

Angelo F*CKING Mendez.
 photo IMG_1096_zpsb6126ece.jpg

Hey Hannah!
 photo IMG_1098_zps121f0c5a.jpg

Miguel and Maria.
 photo IMG_1101_zps8107f67a.jpg

It's Mia Ayesa! * FAINTS *
 photo IMG_1102_zps96dbf02e.jpg

Really, Erica?
 photo IMG_1103B_zps9fe7d967.jpg

 photo IMG_1104_zpsfd96d8d2.jpg

 photo IMG_1105_zpsb8b14ae9.jpg

 photo IMG_1109_zpsc1ebbfeb.jpg

 photo IMG_1110_zpsd01c8483.jpg

 photo IMG_1111_zps79430f6d.jpg

Angelo turnt up.
 photo IMG_1112_zps38967064.jpg

 photo IMG_1113_zpsfa7f918e.jpg

 photo IMG_1114_zpsb47871ac.jpg

 photo IMG_1119_zps43a60ec0.jpg

 photo IMG_1120_zpsad346c54.jpg

 photo IMG_1121_zps3b94688f.jpg

LBC's Nate Burkey.
 photo IMG_1123_zps0e1865ab.jpg

 photo IMG_1124_zps17304c89.jpg

 photo IMG_1125_zps4c81cb02.jpg

 photo IMG_1126_zps44409306.jpg

 photo IMG_1127_zps41ed1e97.jpg

 photo IMG_1128_zps0f28edc4.jpg

 photo IMG_1129_zpsee041965.jpg

 photo IMG_1130_zps9f6801e2.jpg

 photo IMG_1132_zpsb8e0a58e.jpg

 photo IMG_1133_zps33d0acca.jpg

"I'm (we) on one."
 photo IMG_1134_zpseed0ae14.jpg

 photo IMG_1136_zps73a4dc9b.jpg

 photo IMG_1137_zps91b1f3d8.jpg

 photo IMG_1138_zpsab6b315f.jpg

Nice boots!
 photo IMG_1139_zps4d1a9ad1.jpg

 photo IMG_1141B_zps98c844fe.jpg

Who's that dude giving the finger? So blatant with the photobombing, lol.
 photo IMG_1142_zpsde783559.jpg

 photo IMG_1143_zps7ee92776.jpg

 photo IMG_1144_zps1343b000.jpg

Guess who showed up at 4:40am? It's Carlo Trillo!
 photo IMG_1147_zps7a1ac7dd.jpg

 photo IMG_1148B_zpsb5301385.jpg

You know people are faded when they pose with a pair of boots.
 photo IMG_1149_zps9187c757.jpg

Still going.
 photo IMG_1151_zpsa678fde8.jpg

The proper meal to end a wicked night.
 photo IMG_1152_zps9e559932.jpg

What happened after was BANANAS.


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