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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If you wanna get ratchet on a Wednesday night there's only one place that you should go to. Bad Decisions Black Market!
 photo IMG_6771_zps7b89a1ac.jpg

Ratchet crowd.
 photo IMG_6772_zpsf72c79e1.jpg

Ratchet homies.
 photo IMG_6776_zps49c7d1f7.jpg

Say what up tp Angelo F*CKING Mendez, DJ Jena, Jenn, Anikka, Miel and Josh. 
 photo IMG_6777_zps1de2b18c.jpg

Bottles and bottles galore.
 photo IMG_6778_zps529a4217.jpg

 photo IMG_6779_zpsa6e44304.jpg

 photo IMG_6780_zpsf61ac0cc.jpg

 photo IMG_6781_zpsd12453e6.jpg

Look who it is. It's Jayden adidas straight from Kuala Lumpur!
 photo IMG_6784B_zps9188e393.jpg

DJ Jena's turn to rock the house.
 photo IMG_6785_zps4dafec56.jpg

Andy bottle feeding.
 photo IMG_6786_zpsff045c2a.jpg

Jayden about to get shit-faced.
 photo IMG_6787_zps229c9d82.jpg

Yeah boyyyyy!
 photo IMG_6788_zps9016b9e6.jpg

The coast with the most.
 photo IMG_6789_zps7d6f797a.jpg

 photo IMG_6790_zps8e310458.jpg

Seattle represent.
 photo IMG_6791_zpscb360017.jpg

 photo IMG_6792_zpscd33287c.jpg

Second floor action.
 photo IMG_6795_zpsed492490.jpg

More alcohol.
 photo IMG_6797_zps300ddc50.jpg

Michelle and Paolo getting down.
 photo IMG_6798_zpsf382f6f5.jpg

Still going.
 photo IMG_6793_zpsb8a326aa.jpg


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