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| Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's payday weekend once again and I know you are itching to spend your hard-earned cash on a pair of sneaks. May I interest you in some Nike Sportswear kicks? Yeah? Well, check out what Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3 has currently in stock!

Roshe Run - 2,995 pesos
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| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, August 29, 2014

Set the wrong trap in the wrong place and it is always guaranteed that you will end up with nothing. If you still can't put your finger on how things are done here (after all the "hard work" that you "put in") then maybe you should change your ways or just fade into oblivion. We were fine before you came into the scene and everything will be better once you disappear. (Trust me, it's for your own good.)

Now who's ready for some fresh Nike SB catch? Starting with these limited beauties.

Nike Dunk Low Premium SB QS x RUKUS "Crawfish" (action red/metallic silver) - 4,495 pesos. Sizes 6-12, no 11.5
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Grand Cayman, 2007.
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Vans and Trilogy Boutique for less than retail. WAY LESS THAN RETAIL! (Plus a few other brands you fancy.)

Time to start your holiday shopping early!
 photo VansSaleAugust2014_zps91cde0cd.jpg

I am a size 10 in shoes, 32 in jeans and L in tees just in case you wanna pick something up for my 36th birthday. 




| Posted in | Posted on Monday, August 25, 2014

I spotted these during the Vans x Star Wars launch at the Vans Concept Store Glorietta 3 and I told myself that I just had to have them. The Chima Ferguson Pro is one of the newer Vans models that I have been eyeing since they first dropped over a year ago. Thank you Vans Philippines for lacing me up with a fresh pair! These will be part of my weekly rotation.
 photo IMG_0822_zps60fd317c.jpg



| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, August 22, 2014

Check out the new Nike Sportswear drops at Urban Athletics. They got something good for both men and women!
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| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, August 15, 2014

These babies. THESE BABIES. THESE GORGEOUS BABIES! Out now at all we Legendary stores. (except Circuit)

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 8 (black/white-dark grey-gym red) - 6,995 pesos. Sizes 7.5-11.
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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Vans x Star Wars collection dropped locally a few weeks ago and I know most of you have already copped your pairs/gears but for the rest who haven't yet, or if you're looking to complete the set, swing by Vans Concept Store Glorietta 3 on Saturday, 3pm, for an out of this world experience! Blasters and light sabers are welcome. #paydaymayday
 photo VansStarWars2_zps71143b8f.jpg



| Posted in , | Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do you like it simple and clean? Nothing beats a fresh pair of subtle kicks, something that will show you got good taste without being flashy. If so, then check out we Legendary's new Nike SB drops for August. Available starting tomorrow, Thursday, at all we Legendary stores (except Circuit). Skate or style in them, it's all good!

Nike SB Team Zoom Team Edition 2 (black/black-light bone ivory) - 3,495 pesos. Sizes 8-10.5.
 photo WLNikeSBTeam_zps9449e089.jpg



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WendellVans hit me up asking if I wanted to join Brian BCal's bowling night. Bowling you say? You know that's my sh*t!
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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, August 09, 2014

With all the crazy Nike drops every week, a true sneaker fanatic often finds himself (or herself) lost and bewildered. Which ones to cop? Which ones to drop? What's hot? What's not? Thankfully, The Swoosh hasn't forgotten about us and continues to drop iconic gems done the right way (though not as often as we want). A few weeks ago the Air Huarache Light OG dropped in the UK and now we get these beauties. It really makes you believe there is a sneaker god. It's back, folks. One of Tinker Hatfield and Eric Avar's greatest works!

Tell 'em how many pairs, Jalen.
 photo michigan-1992-jalen-rose-nike-air-flight-huarache_zps4298c7af.jpg



| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, August 08, 2014

Check out tomorrow's we Legendary Nike SB drops! Starting with this limited collaboration between Nike SB and New York City skateboarding site Only at we Legendary Ronac!

Nike SB Dunk Low Premium "Quartersnacks" (black/black-reflect silver noir) - 4,295 pesos. Sizes 8-11. 
 photo WLNIKESBquarter_zpsf6ca7140.jpg



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"Mag Green Cross ka muna!"

For weeks I saw how people online used acetone to remove the paint from their Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 x Lance Mountain. Some even used sand paper (ruining the stitching). I knew both methods would damage the leather so I thought of different ways to do it until I got my pairs. Packing tape didn't work and Clorox wipes took forever so then I thought to myself, "Why not use 'rubbing alcohol?'" Filipino families love their rubbing alcohol. If it's safe for our skin then it shouldn't damage the shoes, yeah? Check out the results. (I wanted a distressed look so I left some paint on.)
 photo IGBLACK_zpsf6e88d8f.jpg

Not bad, eh?
 photo IGBLACK2_zps44973b87.jpg



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So after watching a movie at BHS cinemas last night I went outside and saw that it was drizzling. My next stop was Raven at W Fifth Avenue, which was only about 500 feet away. But since I didn't want my companion to walk in her heels and get wet (I'm such a gentleman, lol), we decided to cab it. Then this happened. The most costly 50 peso ride EVER!
 photo LostPhone_zpsd14f6e31.png

I don't cry over digital spilled milk but man oh man, I lost hella photos. I'm not even upset over the phone since it was a cheap one. Anyway, I got a new number now. If you want/need it email/facebook/instagram/twitter me!